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Ngahue IV - Ngahue IV update 24-11-2017

Together with Geronimo, Chantana and Libelula (our close - and only - neighbours on the AIS), we have now embarked on a "deep south" route which is taking us all the way to the Cape Verde Islands! Having grappled with long windless moments, given up sailing in despair as a result, and switched on the engine in the search of wind, and having studied all the met information at our disposal this morning, we decided to head south (or more correctly south-east) in the hope of picking up the trade winds in a couple of days. We had several very useful chats on the VHF with Chantana, who had come to the same conclusion. And so off we went, soon joined by Geronimo and Libelula.
We're sailing close-hauled against 17-18 knots of southwesterly wind; the sea is quite lumpy and despite our moderately heavy displacement are not having the most comfortable time on board. Long live the moment when we can finally turn west and start some proper down wind sailing.
With best wishes from Laura and Marco, the sudden and impromptu ARC+ sailors!


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