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Shepherd Moon - Squeaky clean

How to judge a day? Yesterday was a great success on the domestic front. We ran the water maker for two hours and so got our water tanks full to the brim again, which meant we could all shower. It is difficult to explain just how nice it feels to be squeaky clean again after three or four days of feeling continually sticky. The problem is that no sooner have you dried yourself than the clamminess starts to creep back. We also hoovered (or, more accurately, Dysoned) and cleaned the inside of the boat from top to bottom, and as mentioned yesterday, Vanessa even broke out the polish.

Things were not quite so successful on the outside of the boat. On the plus side, nothing broke. Even the Blue Water Runner refrained from making another leap for the sea, but our progress westwards was painfully slow. There just isn't enough wind. Trying to keep up moral is challenging; you know when you start getting excited about little clumps of seaweed drifting past that cabin fever is starting to creep in. We do our best to keep ourselves entertained, but there's only so many times you can play I spy with my little eye something beginning "s".

At 1 a.m. last night the wind died completely and so we were faced with the choice of lolling around in the swell on putting the engine on. I'm afraid we chose the latter. Hopefully we'll have something more exciting to report tomorrow, like a breaching whale or a pod of dolphins. Even the return of Maverick would help break the boredom!

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