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Nutcracker - Log Entry 4 - All we do is wait wait wait

We know there's something coming, we just wish it would get here.

This evening, it is safe to say, we are utterly becalmed. There is not a
breath of wind to be had and the log once again reads 0.00 - it appears that
we may only reach the heady heights of third in class once, and our
celebrations premature. It is in these calm moments that I find myself
wondering about the great questions of life, will Donald Trump get elected
for a 2nd term? Can Manchester City really go unbeaten this season? And what
is the tastiest way to cook a chicken? Some would say in a curry, others
would argue that it should be roasted and of course there are the legions
that prefer Chicken its purest form, nuggeted.

But I digress.

Today has been most pleasant I must say with tanning, fishing and relaxing
to be had and the mood on board is happy, and has been nicely complimented
by the shore teams excellent Spag Bol! There is really not much else to
report except that the skip has read two books in two days. A look ahead to
tonight reveals calm seas all round - we are currently in an area of no
wind, waiting for the incoming weather system where we expect 20 knots of
wind on the nose to greet us, and a fast if not lumpy couple of days ahead.

The Cabin Boys Nautical Notes

Wind SE 3-4 Decreasing 2 later. Veering NW 1 tonight. Very flaky all round
and about as reliable as Boris Johnson. Sea state Calm. Perfect weather for
that sail we ripped...

Quote of the day

'When does the wind arrive' - The entire crew

Skip xx

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