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Hummingbird - Gina's addendum to last night's blog: Ladies of the kite

Erhem, correction Rachael, Hummingbird is definitely not out for the night. Greetings from Hummingbird’s titillating Red Light District. Areas of action are the cockpit, foredeck, galley and heads, all bathed in a seedy shade of cough-syrup red to preserve night vision for all sorts of important boaty jobs. No sleeping here. At least three of us are plying our trade in our sexy outfits complete with life-jacket, harnesses and headtorch; and another three on standby in case it turns into a very, very interesting night. The remaining four need their rest, for surely their time will come to walk the deck looking for jobs.
Business has been a bit slow tonight, so may I introduce you to two Ladies of the Kite: Erika and Gina. Their hands have been busy rolling and stringing a Mercedes Benz sausage by the red light of the saloon (this is the Spinnaker rolled inwards from its edges in three directions, resembling the car’s badge). Their fair hands are well-practised in this ancient art-form, handed down by generations of Hummingbird’s captives. The way they grip, pull, roll and bind the sail with wool will make any skipper very excited. Quality is assured, with only class A spinnaker used, and wool ties precisely every 49.7cm (+/- 5mm). Tonight, Erika and Gina are using a special ‘Kiss from the Ocean’ wool, which has been infused in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. All the effort in this tropical environment means the galley workshop now feels like a Hammam.
Mamasan Fraser tried to get the sausage to market, but there were no takers tonight so the kite has to stay down until the morning. Bad luck Fraser, but tomorrow will most definitely bring opportunities for the beautiful string of sausages to go out into the sun. Pigs will definitely fly.

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