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Uneventful night with a couple of squalls as daybreak approached but no lightning or significant rain, just a decent increase in wind strength as the front of the squalls approached from the south east. Lumpy sea state so  very rock and roll in the cockpit.

Big swell and 20-25 kt winds so a happy crew as we power on to St Lucia. Cloud moving away in the early afternoon to leave blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Gybed at 14.30 onto starboard tack pretty much onto the right bearing for St Lucia (298 degs) – genny and main both on same side as the wind isn’t at the correct angle for a poled-out goose winged genny.

Trip down memory lane with Robert’s ipod – Pink Floyd, Dire Straits – and lots of reading in the cockpit – just what the doctor ordered! I’d like to think we’ve seen the last of the rain but you never know.....bit of a domestic day as well, as you can see from today’s photo (not one of the most creative!) of Karen and me doing the washing up!

So all set for landfall at Rodney Bay on Saturday afternoon/evening – we’ll have a more accurate idea of ETA tomorrow after another 24 hours sailing – currently 337nm to run. All very exciting – leaving Barbados to port late Friday/early Sat and heading to the northern tip of St Lucia. We can almost smell the rum punches!

A demain.



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