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We moved ship’s time back by another hour in the afternoon, so we are now operating on GMT/UT -2. Having daybreak at 0830 and daylight until 2015/2030 was not what we wanted, so the adjustment was made. St Lucia is GMT/UT-4 so we will probably make another adjustment in the next 48/72 hours depending on daylight hours.


A quiet afternoon yesterday so caught up on some clothes washing and rubbish disposal. A four man crew creates a significant amount of rubbish from a packaging perspective & following the ARC Rally Control’s advice, we are throwing unfinished food, tea bags etc over the side to the fish, together with paper and cardboard packaging, torn into small pieces. Bottles and cans are filled with sea water and sunk to the bottom of the ocean (just 5,125 m deep in our current position). All plastic, yoghurt cartons, water bottles etc are chopped up with scissors and put into empty 5l bottles. We’re on our 4th bottle of plastic waste so far. Takes a bit of time out of the day but we do not want to burden the St Lucia rubbish disposal infrastructure with tons of landfill. So today’s photo is of Jonathan doing his bit on the rubbish disposal front in the cockpit!


Squalls kicked in during the 3-6am watch but we had two reefs in the main and genny so no need for urgent sail changes. Woke up to beautiful blue sky and hot sun – a welcome change! But seriously hot and humid both in the cockpit and down below. It didn’t last forever though and a couple of squalls spotted by Karen came in late afternoon. 12V batteries still needing a work around to keep the sat comms up and running but we’re handling things fine.


Sausages and steak this evening – plan was to use the BBQ on the transom but too much swell sadly. Will have to wait until we get to Rodney Bay to christen the barbie.


G’day to all!




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