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White Satin - Southerly news

1076 miles sailed, 1874 miles to go
White Satin has been making slow progress south over the past 24 hours, as
the wind charts and weather forecasts have been indicating this is likely to
be the best route to pick up the trade winds that should finally propel us
west towards St Lucia. We had been sailing in a more south-westerly
direction but the wind has changed direction a bit and gone very light so
now we're just drifting along gently with blue skies and sea. Recent
calculations by the chart plotter due to our current speed and direction
vary from 300+ days to around 50 days
until we reach St Lucia, but quickly reduce to more manageable levels when
the boat is travelling in a more westerly direction. The forecast is
looking good ahead, and we still expect to get to St Lucia within the next
fortnight. It is getting really
warm now - last night was the first that it was comfortable to be up on deck
in t-shirts only (and life jackets of course).

Yesterday we spotted our first flying fish, another indication that White
Satin is well on the way south. At first appearance they look like small
birds flying low and fast over the water, but then they disappear into it.
Some go an unbelievably long way as they leap out of the water to avoid any
threat. We have yet to have one land on the deck -apparently they are very

This morning marked an important occasion - clocks were put back by an hour.
In truth we were already on double summer time and well west of the point
where this could have been done, but we were all enjoying the light evenings
and spectacular late sunsets. It had got to the stage though that it was
getting light rather too late in the morning and as the off-watches need to
be tucked up by 8 pm clocks were finally put back mid-morning.

Times they are a'changing

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