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Pearl Bali - Highlights of the day by Pearl Bali crew - First Leg to Mindelo

Pearl Bali


Barry Harmer


IY - Irina Yatsenko (wife)

AY - Alyona Yatsenko (daughter)
PY - Polina Yatsenko (daughter)

Brandy - Brandy Doubleday (friend)


This is the first transatlantic crossing for the boat and the crew… and we are all enjoying it.


Due to the lack of light wind sails and a loaded boat, we struggled with the light winds just after the start that lasted until Monday evening.

Once the winds kicked in our progress improved, but we played conservative with sail area to avoid trouble if the wind suddenly increased to the gusts forecasted. We are now hoping to arrive before the welcome drinks Sat night, but it is looking doubtful. (we made it by 4pm Sat… and came 5th in our multihull class once handicap and engine hours were taken into account).


The crew were asked to contribute a line or two about our experience's…


Day 1, Sunday, 6th of November

(Brandy) Wind, oh wind, where is the breeze? On its way we hope.

(PY and AY) I haven't seen gran canaria , and that’s a shame.


Day 2, Monday, 7th of November


(AY) Swimming in the calm ocean at 3000 m deep!

(IY) New dish invented in the sea - sea-salt potato mash

(PY) The cat wants me to be asleep most of the time

(Brandy) Sunny day slow sailing.


Day 3, Tuesday, 8th of November


(IY) Paella - fresh not frozen                                                         

(PY) At night, It felt like the was a battle ship war going on. I was terrified of people falling into the water. Finished my book today.

(AY) Dolphins like dawn.


Day 4, Wednesday, 9th of November


(IY) Lunch time - half-way time wise - ice cream to celebrate


(Brandy) Caught a calamari, which was then used as a bait to catch something bigger, with no luck.


(PY) Solyanka!  Home cinema - inside during a day and outside on a fly bridge! Lectured by PY on Mars and other planets


(IY) Evening - half-time on distance travelled.


(PY) Ice cream day due to half-time on distance travelled.


(AY) Put tiger balm on my forehead before sleep and didn't make the night watch shift with Barry.


Day 5, Thursday, 10th of November


(BD) Slightly less swell and an empty yet hazy horizon.


(PY) I have a strong want to play chess and eat apples


(AY) Brandy taught me how to make an OXO knot.


Day 6, Friday, 11th of November


(IY) Fleet II is overtaking! Urgently need a new sailing plan! Dancing after breakfast was fun.


(AY) Stretch, yoga on the deck


(PY) "Feeding" dolphins. Why don’t we have a chicken aboard?!


Day 7, Saturday, 12th of November


(IY) Ocean water is getting warmer. Nice to bathe by pouring sea water buckets over heads.


(PY) Learned to make a clove hitch knot for fenders.

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