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Clyde Challenger - Fiddling and Flying Fish!

Thur 11th November 20.30

The sea state has continued to moderate with fair weather and good visibility since our last blog. Since then the three watches have no difficult sailing to report.  The night watches had some particularly nice sailing.

Today (Thur 11th) has been the best day's sail so far averaging speeds of 7-8 kn.  Most of the crew were on deck enjoying the sunshine , chatter and some music from our Fiddle player.  For the Scots on board we had Runrig's Loch Lomond and Donnie McLean's Caledonia with a number of other classic tunes. With an attempt at a group sing along we are well rehearsed for arrival into Cape Verde.

Yesterday (wed 10) we had lots of dolphins swimming off the bow and plenty of flying fish. A couple of the crew have even been hit by them whilst on deck.  Better add checking the main sail bag to the arrival checks when we get in for any strays!
The naming of the watches so far has resulted in;
White Watch giving themselves the names of "The White Panty Liner Pirates" - long story - 
Blue Watch becoming "The Fiddling Blue Beards" 
However the the Red Watch have yet to come up with a name even though they were the ones to throw down the gauntlet in the first place.  I really think they are taking time to come up with a winning name.  Now the other watches have declared the heat is on!

So far we have covered almost 1000 Nm and if wind and sea state continues we should arrive in Cape Verde on Saturday 12th November.

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