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Endeavour of Cork - Day 1-2 Sunday-Monday

And we're away!!!

Sunday was the usual flurry of frantic activity that we've become accustomed to. The last vistors Derry,John and Carlos came along to say goodbye. Then we cast off and were cheered and clapped out of the harbour by a fantastic crowd.

The start was exemplary (as only to be expected on a boat sailed by Denise and Conor!!) - we all headed off in light following winds, and soon cobbled together the means to hoist the spinny. Hurray!!! Unfortunately the fun lasted only about half an hour, until the wind did a 180 on us. We had a brief period of beating, and then the wind went back behind us again and settled into about 6kts dead astern. On went the motor, and we've been under engine since. Ah well.

We're maintaining a steady 6kts under engine, heading 225 degrees..... a straight line for Cape Verde. We're hoping the wind will increase and vary in direction in the next 24 hours so that we can get back to sailing again!

We've settled into the watch system nicely - two hours on, and ten hours off means nice long breaks to relax, cook, read, sleep - whatever takes our fancy. Anais has been busy with the sextant, getting sights and calculating our position the hard way. Conor has just fired up the short wave radio, and we're expecting an hour of chat at 11am between boats in the fleet who are participating in a radio net every day - a nice way to keep in touch if we can understand anything above the interference!

The fleet has split up already - not even 24 hours in and we have only one boat close to us, a few specks on the horizon, and other than that only one cargo ship has passed us. It's very quiet out here!!

The fruit and veg is all ripening at an alarming rate..... the green bananas we got delivered turned yellow in a day, the broccoli will have to be used today by the looks of it, and we're wondering how long it will all last. A courgette tart (we have a LOT of courgettes!) is being prepared as I type, and is smelling mighty good.

Time to go and put on the sunscreen and see what's happening outside!

Endeavour, over and out.


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