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Adagio - Adagio; Sailing Along

Adagio starts day three of the rally having enjoyed favorable, if gentle, winds along our route. Yesterday evening we dodged a few squalls and at times had steady 20-25k winds with a couple of puffs near the squalls approaching 30 knots. All went well and there was no excitement other than the exhilaration of skating by the storms. Following that we ran into a quiet zone with no wind at all so fired up the engine, made headway and charged the battery bank.
We've seen three or four big ships along our way including the "Allure of the Seas" (what a light show!), two cargo vessels and a Car Carrier ship. The Allure was visible several miles before it showed up on AIS because it lit up the overcast sky like a rising moon! The car carrier was oddly shaped, making 21 knots and we got a 0.9nm crossing which was a pretty good daytime look.

Haven't tried fishing yet (maybe tomorrow) so nothing to report in the Sashimi department. We've enjoyed good chili, chicken and taco dishes aboard along with some wonderful omelets by Robin for breakfast.

Adagio is sailing along well with no problems of any kind. (waaaay coool!) We've had the opportunity to haul out a couple of the light-air sails and configurations and have managed to squeeze some forward speed out of relatively light air. We've a few more options that we want to explore long the way and regardless of the results, we'll try to get some good pictures :)

We're enjoying the sail and are getting settled into the watch routine pretty well. Best wishes!!

Gary, Robin, Steve and Lynn aboard Adagio

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