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Helen - Start day - 13

Yesterday we had an excellent lunch at the marina bar, using up the loyalty points gained through many dedicated hours of hard work in the summer. By 3 o'clock we had checked out of the marina and headed out to sea.

For me there is only one piece of music to play when heading out to sea from a Portuguese port. It's the theme tune from the film 1492, "Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis. Stirring music and you entertain any locals who are watching your departure!

Once out to sea we went to put the sails up only to encounter our first small challenge. The top sail batten had somehow got a 180 degree twist in it which meant that the sail would not unfurl. An hour or so later we had the main down, removed the offending batten, put the sail back up again and then the wind died. It's a boat!

Once offshore we were welcomed by some confused Atlantic rollers to give the crew a good test on their first night out.


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