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Persistent Lady - Thursday, June 12

Sherrin was making a pie this morning during her morning watch. She has promised us an Eagle Brand Lemon pie and a chocolate pecan pie before we arrive in Gibraltar. Jake and I are secretly hoping for the lemon pie because it will require refrigeration and we don’t have room in the fridge for it. We have planned out a pie eating contest; save one slice for Sherrin and split the rest. Then set a timer and the first one to yell “DONE” wins. Can’t wait!

However, the fresh water pump is not working and right now Jake and I will have to attend to that. Sherrin asked us to get the Karo syrup out of the bilge while we were down there, so I think we will have chocolate pecan pie today. Not a bad choice, as it is one of my absolute favorite pies, but no pie eating contest.

The pump turned out to be bad. It is only about a year old, but when we were without power while crossing to the Azores on more than one occasion we allowed the bilge to accumulate more water than was wise before manually pumping it out. Looks like some water got into the pump motor (it is mounted kind of low) and shorted it out. Luckily, I have a spare (I have so many spares, even I am amazed! Definitely a belt and suspenders, and then a short piece of rope, just in case, kind of guy), so Jake and I mounted the new pump and I am saving the old one so I can rebuild it some warm lazy afternoon. Same with the battery selector switch that went bad on the trip over; one day while lolling in paradise, I will decide that I would really rather do some work, and then I will grab all the old, non-functioning things I have squriled away and fix them.

Well, the pump is in and Sherrin is up from her nap; definitely chocolate pecan. Oh well, we can compete another day. Jake is sitting on the stern deck, fishing and looking at the flat sea. We have definitely entered the calm associated with the high pressure ridge Chris Parker said we would encounter, the seas are like glass. Probably another 12 hours or so of that to look forward to, then the winds will build out of the NNE to 18-23 knots. We are sailing east, so it looks like a glorious close reach! Those winds should start kicking in around midnight, on my watch, can’t wait, turn the motor off and SAIL!!!!

We had fresh pineapple for desert last night, it was really good, but even Jake and I together were unable to finish it all. Tonight, Sherrin is planning Strawberries Romanoff for desert while the fresh strawberries are still good. While we were in the bilge she had us get the Grand Marnier out for that; not sure exactly where the chocolate pecan pie fits in the mix, but rather have too many deserts than too few!

We got wonderful fruit in the Azores. Small apples, smaller than tennis balls and yellow in color. Absolutely the best tasting apple I have ever eaten! Also some small red ones that were also good, but not as good as the yellow ones. The oranges were also small, again about the size of tennis balls and soooo sweet! Sherrin says we will have to save some oranges so she can sweeten the 100% whole wheat bread with their juice; glad we bought a lot of them. Could not find a single banana in either of the supermarkets, but the other fruit is so good that it does not really matter.

Tonight we will have chicken with some kind of sauce, hope we can work out chicken cacciatore, I think we have all the ingredients. Still have some really nice asparagus we can roast, and maybe some fingerling potatoes poached (steamed) in butter with a salad and the strawberries for desert. Sherrin does a great job of using the food before it goes bad and we really eat well. Kudos To Sherrin!!!

Well, I still have a lot to do before my shift starts; mainly take a nap and snack on some granola, but those things are important, so I better get to them. May send another log later, and still trying to get Sherrin and Jake to send some in as well.

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