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Miles Thompson
United States
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29/03/2016 21:23:25
West Indies to Natal, Brazil I am currently planning a voyage from Grenada or Trinidad to Natal, Brazil. My boat lacks upwind performance and does not sail at a very tight angle to the wind. The recommended time is December-February to use the strong NE trades. However, Even with the NE winds, I am not sure I would be able to sail close enough to stay off the coast. Therefore, my thought was to wait until summer (July) and motor along the coast in lighter winds, staying close to avoid some of the current. My thinking is that if I have to advance against the wind, I would rather do it when it is quiet. I sailed this course in reverse five years ago and found the winds very light in late July and August except near Natal. Brazil. Has anyone had any experience doing this? What conditions did you find. Thank you.
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