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mikael olausson
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29/12/2012 22:16:58
from meddeterian sea to thailand from meddeterian sea to thailand. Any one that can advise me on when the best time woud be to sail from greece to thailand?, What time of year, and how is the situation about pirates?. Thanks so mutch for any answers. Mike the simple sailor.
09/11/2015 11:01:22
Haul out centralamerica, and trailer your boat ?. Hi everybody, maybe anyone now any of this things. I have a 33ft long keel sailboat, at the moment on Aruba., will sail down to Panama and then around the area of central america. Then i want to take the boat out and leave it on the hard while i am back in Sweden, anyone now about marinas to do that, and also if there are trailer that can take the boat from Atlantic side to Pacific side.

Mant thanks folks.

Mikael Olausson sy/Rocinante.
18/05/2019 07:24:39
Help, passage planing from Vanuato, going west. Anyone knows , when the latest would be for leaving Vanuato group, going west.thru the strait just north of Australia, Or Can you leave later, if going up north of Papa new guinea, my destination would be somewhere around Asia. Thanks.
26/08/2019 06:27:06
Best charts for Salomon islands, Papa new Guinea, Do anyone know what would be the best electronic charts for Salomon islands, Papa new Guinea, Philippines, and Thailand. I have cm 93, and it dosent sems to be very detailed. Thanks.
09/09/2019 11:02:24
Papa new guinea to The Philipines, december?. Papa new guinea to The Philipines, december?. Anyone can advice me, i need to be in the Philippines, early December, and are sailing from Papa new Guinea. Is this to early to do this?.

Thanks Mike.
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