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26/04/2012 12:50:16
SE Asia to Australia For a detailed report on this passage by Dave Bowden of SV "This Way Up", see noonsite report -
edited by Sue Richards
United Kingdom on 26/04/2012
02/05/2012 22:29:45
Cheap berthing for a 42" Cat on its way to the ARC Hi Thomas,
There's a great report on noonsite dated last month, from a cruiser who has sent marina prices for many ports in Spain and Portugal - check it out -
There's also alot of reports on the Morocco pages from cruisers, with prices - - and often we'll put in the marina/port listing the latest prices we know about with a date. It's worth spending a bit of time exploring noonsite for info. before you set off.
Sue (Site Manager -
28/08/2012 10:55:41
Buenos Aires, Argentina to San Francisco David Kory in March this year took a 50ft Beneteau from Buenos Aires back to the USA, in 3 legs (Argentina to Panama, Panama Canal, and Panama to San Fran). This interesting report shows useful stats for the trip plus a brief description of each leg. Go to
28/08/2012 11:03:13
Venezuela and Columbia info please Hi Ian, I'm sure you've looked at noonsite already, but there's some good recent cruiser updates for Colombia there (, plus of course the extremely useful cruising guide published by SY Sarana (Colombia Cruising guide), which identifies areas in the country which are safe for cruising. It's worth reading the security section on noonsite for Venezuela if you are considering cruising there (, plus, as with Colombia, there are a couple of good updates from cruisers this year, sadly however the rest are crime related. Hope that helps.
Sue - noonsite
28/08/2012 11:09:39
Cruising Myanmar Hi Jo, check out the noonsite info. (, an area little visited by cruisers but the 2 reports there should give you an idea of costs and formalities etc. Also worth contacting EcoSwiss -, a non profit organisation that sail there, they may well be able to help out with the latest facts. Our formalities info. was last checked and updated for Myanmar in November last year, so should be pretty up to date. Please do feedback any changes or updates or useful info. for cruisers you come across to Many thanks
Sue - noonsite
28/08/2012 11:14:37
Thailand to Cambodia Hi Graham, again, a country little visited it seems by foreign yachts - seems a pity as the one report we have received about the country on noonsite is "glowing" - see Perhaps worth contacting this cruiser, who offers advice and assistance to those interested in the country, for advice. As always, we'd welcome a report of your cruising experience there, and updates for noonsite, if you have time (
Safe trip,

Sue- noonsite
15/10/2012 14:51:14
September in Western France - Is this bad timing? Hi Bryan, yes, Teemu is right. From where you are you can pretty much hop down the coast of Galicia and Northern Portugal to Southern Portugal and the Algarve, great place to winter. There's alot of northerlies right now - so you should fly down there. Lagos is a lovely place to winter and there's quite a liveaboard community there. Temperatures are very nice, and it's easy to fly within Europe from Faro airport and explore inland to Spain etc.
08/11/2012 16:14:31
going from Canaries to West Sahara & Dakar? Hi Robert, Thanks for your post, but can you be more specific. Are you looking for routing advice or for other boats travelling the same route? If it's the latter, I suggest you post instead on the convoy/cruising in company forum - go to
23/05/2013 13:16:59
South Pacific Ocean Passage Planning Informative planning advice for the South Pacific updated by the noonsite team 2013.
Go to
28/06/2013 14:47:55
Pacific cruise Hi Graham,
Admittedly there's little info. on eastabout crossings of the Pacific as it's not an easy trip so not popular with "cruising" yachts. However noonsite does have a few reports - see

Do let us know how you get on.

Sue - Editor
28/06/2013 14:52:33
From Malaysia to Australia the long way Strongly recommend you get hold of Jimmy Cornell's "World Cruising Routes" to plan a circumnavigation such as this.
11/09/2013 15:52:09
Fiji to Marshalls Passage Planning Find some really useful notes and considerations about this passage on noonsite.
Go to
03/10/2013 13:30:19
Argentina to the West Indies Useful new cruising notes on noonsite from Buenos Aires to Trinidad - go to
11/10/2013 13:38:36
Algerian Waters on passage from Malta to Gib This question and answers just posted on noonsite -

Further comments welcome.

Question asked was:

I would be very grateful for any advice you can give for our planned delivery of our Elan 410 from Malta to Gibraltar later this month.

Our concern is the direct course is close to Algeria.

We have read stories of yachts being aggressively boarded by Algerian authorities whilst sailing in these waters and of a couple being virtually imprisoned after being towed into an Algerian report in an emergency.

These reports are a few years old and we are wondering if they are still representative of the political dangers.

Are we better taking a longer course far away from Algerian waters?
17/01/2014 15:39:39
South Africa to Thailand in south summer Hi Vincent

As an EU citizen, you will be granted 90 days on arrival in SA & can extend it one time only.

See for full details.
21/03/2014 14:26:48
Sailing up trough Indonesia to Thailand - Season? Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Routes is a good source of info, plus his relatively new Ocean Atlas is very helpful for a passage such as this. Check out the routing links on noonsite - and there may be some helpful articles there. CNO ( is also a good place to post your questions.
12/06/2014 14:14:24
South Pacific Ocean Passage Planning Useful Sailing Advisories from Karsten Staffeldt for the Pacific:

Karsten has been Monitoring Marine Weather information and forecasts for more than 10 years covering the area, and also liaises with a great many yachts making the voyage every year.
12/06/2014 14:16:26
North West Coast of Caribbean Colombia Useful sailing advisory by Karsten Staffeldt for this coast:
24/07/2014 14:07:48
Sydney Australia to San Francisco USA Hi James,
You may find the noonsite section "Cruising with Children" useful. Go to and scroll down to the children's section. You may also find some routing advice on the noonsite routing pages -

06/10/2014 12:19:32
Best route Philippines(Cebu) to Southern Indian O Hi Edward,
Take a look at noonsite's routing pages - there's some useful advice there for this route:

Sure you'll also get some feedback from cruisers on this forum as well.

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