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Rolando Gutierrez
United States
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13/09/2011 23:55:37
Coast Pacific cruising from Los Angeles to Chile HI everyone !!
Any info for coast cruising from Los Angeles to Chile? I have some issues like avoiding Panama for big trafic.

I was thinking on LA to Cabo San Lucas-then to Guatemala,Costa Rica,Colombia,Ecuador.PerĂº and finally Chile.

Did somebody follow that route before??
what could be the best time to start?

thanks !!
edited by Rolando Gutierrez
United States on 14/09/2011
01/10/2011 03:26:05
Coast Pacific cruising from Los Angeles to Chile Thanks David...yes.I will have time to stop everywhere,I planning on not to be farther than 100 miles from the coast.The boat is a Ranger22 but if I have the chance I will change it for a 24 or 27.
02/10/2011 03:20:40
Coast Pacific cruising from Los Angeles to Chile David Kory
United States
If you are going in a Ranger 22, you need to plan on being gone for a looong time. I would recommend buying Jimmy Cornell's book on world cruising routes, and cruising guides (such as Charlie's Charts) for Mexico and all of Central America. This will help you tremendously with planning your trip, and realizing the times and distances involved. I would not worry about traffic in Panama, as you will typically be very near the coast, and the heavy traffic is farther offshore. Panama has some beautiful areas for cruising, and I wouldn't skip them for worries about shipping traffic. A good time to start the whole voyage from LA would be around the first of November, when hurricane season ends, so you spend your winter in warm Mexico. Maybe consider joining the Baja Haha, an annual cruisers rally from San Diego to Cabo that draws around 200 boats, as you'll make a lot of friends with similar ideas to your own, and it could give a good start to your adventure.
02/10/2011 03:26:15
Coast Pacific cruising from Los Angeles to Chile ha ha ha about the BAJA HA HA..they will never let me go with them..those are big ships !!The idea will be great,joining and then keeping going South..yes the 22 is pretty hamering..but I was a motocrosser so I will resist it !!I am ordering the books tomorrow..thanks for that info.
02/10/2011 16:00:55
Coast Pacific cruising from Los Angeles to Chile Thanks David..yes I was searching at the Baja Ha Ha page and they said the boat are eligible if they are over 27ft and constructed to open sea.The fact is if I have to change my boat for something bigger just to play safe I will do,I am not in a hurry for my trip,I want to do it right.Thanks for all you atention and advice!!
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