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Val Ellis
United Kingdom
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26/05/2010 10:57:40
EU import tax on visiting yachts Henry,

Have a look at the Noonsite page

I think you will find it will answer all your questions.

Also of interest will be the information on Schengen Visas at
26/02/2011 10:22:35
SSB in the Caribbean Have a look on Noonsite's Communication page.
21/04/2014 10:23:28
Kepulauan Anambas Islands and Natuna Besar Have a look at the Noonsite page
I think it will give your some of the information you are looking for.



The Noonsite Team
19/11/2014 08:56:00
Perth to Tasmania to NZ Have a look at the Noonsite pages for Australia

There is quite a lot of information about the various ports.

Good luck.

26/03/2018 11:13:16
Mediterranean Route Comply with EU/Schengen Req't Portugal is supposed to be hosting a computer system which monitors entry/exit from the Schengen Area countries and their own Immigration service does appear to use it. We do not have any information which indicates that other countries do so.
However, most Immigration officers do check passports but how accurately they check your 90 days within the moving 180 day period is open to question.

See the Noonsite page at


The Noonsite Team
edited by Val Ellis
United Kingdom on 26/03/2018
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