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07/04/2010 17:18:43
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03/02/2015 09:30:42
SSB in the Caribbean Jean-Camille Raymond
Carrera TBC
Hello, I will join ARC 2015 and was wandering what was the proportion of boat with SSB versus Sat only?

I'll get a SSB system for sure as I love the magic of radio, but how many operators are still using it while crossing the big sea with ARC ?

The ARC communications requirements are for boats to have the ability to send/receive emails whilst at sea. This can be done via SSB radio + pactor modem, or via a satellite telephone. Typically around 85% of ARC boats use satellite for email and 15% use SSB. YOur decision may depend on what you are doing after the ARC. If you plan to cruise in the Pacific, or spend long periods (1 year +) living on board your boat, then we recommend having an SSB radio. Whether you chose to use your SSB for email, may depend on your equipment budget, or how competent you are at operating your radio. SSB+Pactor is cheaper use longer term, but more expensive to buy and requires greater technical skill. Most cruisers using satellite for email opt for an Iridium telephone or data-hub as these are the cheapest to buy and provide sufficient data connection for most cruisers at sea needs. Do remember that once in the Caribbean you are likely to use shoreside WiFi for your comms. Much more information is provided in the ARC Rally Handbook. See the Communications Section. You can download this via > login, then click on the ARC logo and the link to "Documents and Information".
09/02/2015 11:53:52
SSB in the Caribbean Almost 60% of ARC boats have an SSB radio.

I can't say exactly how many join the radio net every day, but a reasonably high number do.

There are also lots of good radio nets for cruisers in the Caribbean and Pacific, so if you are going to do live-aboard cruising, and you are a sociable person, you will find it useful.
Jean-Camille Raymond
Carrera TBC
Thanks, i was pretty sure that most boat will rely upon sat for email/grib files. This is my choice as well.

Among the 85% SAT phone equiped botas, how many are using daily the SSB ARC net ?

Should I expect 30 "voice" SSB users daily ( 15% of 200 boats ) or more ?

What's your experience about it ?
27/11/2017 09:22:03
How far north USA to miss Hurricanes Most insurance companies will require you to be north of Cape Hatteras before the end of June. So if you are aiming to cruise in the USA, then coming into the Chesapeake Bay is a good landfall and puts you in the right area. Typically most insurance companies won't allow you south of Hatteras until 1 November. Definitely worth checking with your insurer. Also don't forget that as you are arriving in the US by boat, you will need a visa. The visa waiver scheme does not apply to arrivals by private boat.
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