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A. Anez
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13/02/2011 10:12:41
Macau, Zuhai, Xiamen across the Straits to Tianan I am considering the above route as a way to sail to the Philippines. I would be harbor hopping up the China coast, but, if possible, anchoring out in small coastal villages, instead of berthing the boat in the major ports, in order to avoid extensive berthing, agent, and pilot fees. Does anyone know if this is feasible? I have been told that the Chinese are very strict about where yachts can go in their territorial waters.

My Port of Entry would be Zuhai, and I would stop near Xiamen before crossing to Pescador Island, anchoring out there for the night if possible, then making my way to Tainan - my port of entry in Taiwan. This offers the shortest route across the straits - about 85 miles. From there I plan to hop down the coast to Kaoshung and Kenting, then across to the Batanes Islands of the Philippines. Will be doing this in a MacGregor 26, so I will be taking my time and sailing only when the weather permits and loading up on fuel, food and water before leaving. Any advice besides "forget it"? : ) Actually, "forget it" would be fine too. Just tell me why. Regards to all - A.Anez
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