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06/03/2019 19:51:10
Volunteering Opportunities in eastern Caribbean

Macario Advantage<br>United States of America
Macario Advantage
United States of America

Posts: 1
If you are in the eastern Caribbean and would like to volunteer on humanitarian projects, please note that Macario Advantage will be working in Dominica, WI during March 2019 and in St. Lucia, WI during April 2019. If interested, please contact us at
06/03/2019 17:00:52
Parasailor Original ISTEC mint condition

Rosalind Cheetham<br>United States of America<br>Misto
Rosalind Cheetham
United States of America

Posts: 13
Hi. Could you tell me how long the snuffed is? We have been recommended this size but are concerned about the length. Thanks. Ros
03/03/2019 15:13:03
World Arc charts and books

Karl Erik Leibensperger<br>United States of America<br>Remedy
Karl Erik Leibensperger
United States of America

Posts: 4

If not sold please send a list to If sold can you please let me know?
28/02/2019 14:47:38
World Arc charts and books

Shawn Taylor<br>United Kingdom
Shawn Taylor
United Kingdom

Posts: 1
HI Jennifer.

I am interested. Please let me know if they are still available.

I will be in Spain in 2 weeks time and again in April so can collect.



Jennifer Oleary
i have virtually a complete set of these for sale. Selling the charts at 10 euro per chart (list price something like 22 euro or so) and some of the books for 50% of the list price. If interested get in touch with me and I will send on the complete list. All these are in Sant Carles de la Rapita in Spain at the moment.
23/02/2019 21:29:05
World Arc charts and books

Karl Erik Leibensperger<br>United States of America<br>Remedy
Karl Erik Leibensperger
United States of America

Posts: 4
Jennifer, Have you sold your charts and books yet?
13/02/2019 14:21:15
USA entry visa and additional documents

Jeremy Wyatt<br>United Kingdom<br>Test Boat 4
Jeremy Wyatt
United Kingdom
Test Boat 4

Posts: 34
It can be tricky. This page gives more information.

Alternatively, see if you can join the boat in the BVI instead.
13/02/2019 13:20:22
USA entry visa and additional documents

Simon Parry<br>United Kingdom
Simon Parry
United Kingdom

Posts: 3
Dear All

New here so hello...hope you can help.

I am currently looking to join a yacht to assist the skipper from USBVI to Azores, on a non paid basis.

I hold a UK passport.
Can anyone tell me what VISA to apply for and what additional documentation is required. Also how to get around only having a one way flight (i.e. no return).

I am sure that this is something that some of you will have come across before.
Any information and assistance would be appreciated.
12/02/2019 09:28:17
Yacht items for sale.

Simon Parry<br>United Kingdom
Simon Parry
United Kingdom

Posts: 3
Hi Paul

Really interested, but unfortunately something has cropped up at our end, will be able to come back to you in a week or so when hopefully things will have calmed down.

Kind regards

11/02/2019 20:13:05
Yacht items for sale.

Paul Chopin<br>United Kingdom<br>Corryvreckan
Paul Chopin
United Kingdom

Posts: 8
Hi Simon.
Not sure if you got my reply as it doesn't appear to be posted here.

Both satellite phones are still available.

The old one has only got a 12v cigar lighter type charger. I'm sure I did have a mains charger but cannot locate it at home so it might still be on the yacht.... in St. Lucia. I used this everyday during the Atlantic crossing to receive weather and position reports from WCC, via my RedBox. I also got several text messages daily from my brother as he was suggesting the route I should take based on his weather data and the position of the rest of the fleet. New battery bought 12 months ago.

The brand new satellite phone has not been removed from its box. It has both the 12v and mains charger. I only bought this as a backup as initially the other phone would not boot up but then one day decided that it would and has been fine since.

11/02/2019 10:56:27
ARC Baltic Charts & pilot books

Jane Rebecca Mary Wild<br>United Kingdom<br>Shoona of Malmesbury
Jane Rebecca Mary Wild
United Kingdom
Shoona of Malmesbury

Posts: 1
Complete set of ARC Baltic charts. Bought new for ARC Baltic 2017 (Molly 5). Excellent condition.

Asking £780 ono (new cost > £1600) ...or can sell individually / in batches

Finnish charts:

Merikarttasarja 2016 A: Viipuri - Helsinki

Merikarttasarja 2015 B: Helsinki - Parainen

Merikarttasarja 2015 C: Ahvenanmaa

Merikarttasarja 2014 D: Turunmaan saaristo

Swedish charts:

Sjofartsverket Batsportkort 2016 - Dalaro-Trosa (Stockholm sodra)

Sjofartsverket Batsportkort 2016 - Moja-Dalaro (Stockholm mellersta)

Sjofartsverket Batsportkort 2016 - Oregrund Moja (Stockholm norra)

German/Dutch charts:

NV Atlas Serie 1 Kieler Bucht

NV Atlas Nederland NL1 2018 Oostende naar Borkum

NV Atlas Nederland NL2 2018 Waddenzee

NV Atlas Nederland NL3 2018 Ijsselmeer en Randmeren

NV Atlas Nederland NL4 2018 Rijn en Maas Delta

NV Atlas Nederland NL5 2018 Ooster-en Westerschelde

NV Atlas Ostfriesland DE13 2018 Borkum bis Helgoland & Ems

NV Atlas Weser DE12 2018 Bremen bis Helgoland

Baltic charts:

DK Satz 2 2017 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Bornholm

DK Satz 4 2017 Storebaelt til Bornholm

DK Satz 11 2017 Ostkueste Schweden 1

DK Satz 12 2017 Ostkueste Schweden 2

UKHO Admiralty Chart 2227 - Tallinn and Approaches

UKHO Admiralty Chart 2222 - Gotska Sandon to Hiiumaa

UKHO Admiralty Chart 2395 - Sankt Peterburg and Approaches

UKHO Admiralty Chart 2264 - Gulf of Finland Eastern Part

UKHO Admiralty Chart 2248 - Gulf of Finland Western Part

UKHO Admiralty Chart 2241 - Entrance to the Gulf of Finland

Pilot Books:
Imray Pilot - The Baltic Sea 3rd Edition

Aland Pilot Book (PQR foerlag ISBN 978-952-5705-63-8)

Landsort-Skanor Pilot Book (inc Gota kanal, Vattern & Bornholm)

Hafenhandbuch Ostsee I

Hafenhandbuch Ostsee II

Plus miscellaneous older Imray Charts:

C12 Eastern English Channel 2011

C26 Ijmuiden to Die Elbe 2013 (x2)

C25 Harwich to River Humber and Holland 2013

C70 Southern North Sea Passage Chart 2013

C30 Harwich to Hoek van Holland and Dover Strait 2013 & 2011

edited by Jane Rebecca Mary Wild
United Kingdom
Shoona of Malmesbury on 11/02/2019
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