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28/12/2010 02:01:13

mark brewer<br>United States
mark brewer
United States

Posts: 2
I am planning to sail from Raiatea to Hawaii in March, and I would like to transit some part of the Tuamotus and make a stop or two in the Marquesas before heading north. The locals tell me the trades are more easterly in March, so it seems possible, as we go to weather pretty well. Any ideas, comments? --Mark
30/12/2010 17:47:58

Randolph Coon<br>USA
Randolph Coon

Posts: 3
Aloha from Hawaii, March is a good time for that passage especially if you are sailing as far east as the Marquesas. The only thing to consider is that March/April we can still have more NE trades rather than Easterly Trades here in the islands which makes the passage a bit more of a beat to weather as you get closer. But, as I said, sailing from the Marquesas gives you so much Easting that you should have a beam reach all the way. Plus you avoid a more active ITCZ that time of year. Hope that is helpful, Capt. Rand

Home » Weather and Routing » Tahiti to Tuamotus and Marquesas



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