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15/12/2010 16:21:03

Jody MacDonald<br>Canada
Jody MacDonald

Posts: 1

We are sailing up the west coast of Africa at the moment and are on our way to the Cape Verde Islands. We recently left St. Helena Island and are now heading north. We need to get some people off the boat earlier so they can catch their flights back to Europe for Christmas. We were thinking that Monrovia might be a good port to stop so they could fly out but we are unsure if Liberia is safe to sail into. If Monrovia isn't a good option, does anyone know of alternate port that might work for us. Any information would be very helpful.

Thank you!
20/12/2010 00:11:58

Jim Den Hartog<br>Netherlands
Jim Den Hartog

Posts: 9
Hi Jody

Did you consider Gambia? We visited there and found it one of the safer places we've been to as you might expect from a Muslim country. Should not miss it! One can travel a long ways (150 miles) up the river at least when we were there and get to see hippos etc in the wild. We never met anyone not friendly and thoroughly enjoyed the weeks we spent there. As it is a tourist destination for Europeans flights to Europe should be easily obtained perhaps even in time to enjoy the snow there (-:

Jim/Helen sv GAIA
14/01/2011 01:38:47

Wanita Gray<br>Canada
Wanita Gray

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Hi Jody,
The Gambia is straight in from Cape Verde so it may be too far for your crew to travel. Sorry I can't say anywhere south of here.
I can vouch for The Gambia. Many British go there on vacation. Checking in did entail an officer boarding, gratuities i.e. chocolate were welcomed. People very friendly and want to tell you their history when they speak English. Going up the river at least to George Town is worth it. Watch the depth. Stop into OysterBay just in the mouth on a rising tide.

Home » Weather and Routing » Routing West Africa



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