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28/11/2010 03:17:37

Charles Michener<br>USA
Charles Michener

Posts: 1
Hi - I am in the starry-eyed dreamer state and my questions will seem rather simple - sorry!

1: I can't understand (my fault) how one handles the 'ticket home' requirement.

2: I have two very special strictly boat cats that determine where I go - I would like to use New Zealand and others as my hurricane holes but I don't have unlimited money for pet inspection ... so how do people traverse the pet regulations through the South Pacific?

3: In addition to New Zealand and Australia and maybe the top end of the Marshall's, where else should I look for a hurricane hole in my planning?

29/11/2010 20:32:22

Alan & Lesley Harris<br>Austria
Alan & Lesley Harris

Posts: 3
Hi Charles,
We have just sailed from Australia with our two siamese cats on board. We had all their Australian clearance papers with us. We called into Vanuatu on our way to Hawaii and we had no proplems at all. They were allowed to just stay on our boat but not go ashore. But not sure what the cyclone bolt holes are like. We have also been to New Zealand as well again with Australia paperwork with no problems but Australia is a Rabies free country. As America is not you may face expensive Quaranteen in both Australia and New Zealand. Hope this helps. We don't sail anywhere without our pets even though sometimes they can cost a bit, we wouldn't have it any other way. At the moment they are enjoying the warmth of Hawaii before we continue on to chilly Canada.
Cheers from S/V "GYPSEAS TWO"

Alan & Lesley Harris

Home » Weather and Routing » Sorry if not the right spot but ...



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