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09/02/2010 12:28:52

Ed Wildgoose<br>United Kingdom
Ed Wildgoose
United Kingdom

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Hi, Ed Wildgoose from MailASail Satellite Communications here.

We have a lot of customers wanting to access weather and it had become somewhat frustrating that there isn't a good overview of what is actually available out there and also that there was a huge lack of information in how to actually understand weather forecasts or even discussion about how large amounts of weather information are really derived from only a small number of sources. Essentially we heard a lot of people making comments like "Don't use uGrib, the weather is much better from SailDocs" (or vice-versa) - when in fact the data supplied is identical (!)

To help overcome this we have sponsored an independent resource that we call "The Weather Window" (

The Weather Window is hosted at our domain, but it's intended to be independent from MailASail and so far we have Frank Singleton (Franks-Weather) writing there and hopefully Chris Tibbs coming online soon.

Going forward we hope to encourage more quality authors to write and in return we provide all the hosting and the content management tools. We expect and encourage commercial companies to join in and all we ask in return is that those that contribute write high quality articles intended to help amateurs and professionals alike to understand weather observations, forecasts and technical ways of getting this information both at sea and on land.

If you want to learn more about the science of weather and where to get good forecasts then please roll along today and in particular I hope you enjoy Frank Singleton's pages (Frank is an ex UK Met Office forecaster and has spent many years writing the pages you see).

If you are a small (or large) professional weather router, or you have commercial forecasting products then please get in touch and we would love to have you contribute your knowledge!

Safe Sailing everyone!
edited by Ed Wildgoose
United Kingdom on 09/02/2010
edited by Ed Wildgoose
United Kingdom on 09/02/2010

Home » Weather and Routing » Free Sailing Weather Site (encylopedia!!)



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