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23/10/2010 22:27:21

Bob Lorenzi<br>Australia
Bob Lorenzi

Posts: 4
Subject: Australia, unusual weather...

I am in Bundaberg, Australia and have been watching weather trends using
grib files since October, 01. Normally October in Australia has wind from
the N.W 18%, north 15% and S.E., 22% of the time. Infrequent lows with a
path high enough to produce northerlies are passing too quickly, producing
wind of very short duration and either too strong or weak to consider
useful for beginning a passage between Australia and New Zealand. My main
complaint is that persistent, frequent highs are ambling across the Tasman
Sea with their centres following a path eastward at about 30 degrees south
between Sydney and Brisbane. The consequence is that from Brisbane north
light and variable easterly wind continues to blow onshore.

My visa expired October, 01. A bridge visa will keep me legal through
November, 01. Uncertainty regarding whether or not the elusive
northerlies will appear before a too-late start from Australia presents
the hazard of encountering an early cyclone has forced me to apply for a
new 1 year visa ($255, non-refundable application fee...). Meanwhile, I
wish I'd had in October, 2009 the wind anybody sailing to Australia from
New Caledonia in October, 2010 has. The 2009 passage took me twice as
long than when I made the same passage in 2000! Order of the day in 2009
was a sail to windward in predominately light wind. Lots of variables.
Anybody else in Australia waiting for favourable wind for a passage to New

Bob Lorenzi
S/V Armido
Home Port San Diego
Left Mexico April, 2009
Arrived Australia October, 2009 via the "milk run" (a participant in the
Pacific Puddle Jump)
Bundaberg, Australia
08/11/2010 01:47:54

david vile<br>Australia
david vile

Posts: 2
Hi Bob.
I am a Kiwi who is currently based in Keppel Bay Marina.I agree this season has certinally had its fair share of unusual weather.I have just got back from doing a delivery from Brisbane to Auckland.Getting a weather window for the trip was a night mare.My advice is to head south to Sydney,so that you are nearer the center of the high.Then wait for one that you can get the westerlies around the bottom of it.Further north & you have to contend with the SE trades.
When we were clearing, customs told us that of 10 boats that had cleared Brisbane area bound for NZ 8 had returned!!
08/11/2010 01:50:35

david vile<br>Australia
david vile

Posts: 2
Sorry Bob forgot to add my name.Good luck with the passage is a good weather site that I use.


Home » Weather and Routing » Australia, unusual weather...



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