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02/07/2017 05:45:35

Hans Van Dam<br>Netherlands
Hans Van Dam

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I'm Hans and sailing, with my 2-man crew, on a Colvic Victor 3 m/s "Zephyr"

At the moment I am in Almerimar, South of Spain and on my way to Pylos, Peloponese, Greece

I want to find out what routing to take to get in Greece.

Zephyr does not sail closed hault very well, tacks on about 130 degrees. This is partly based on the design I suppose and partly on the bad shape of the sails, as they are pretty old. I bought the boat as a renovation project which I will work on in Greece.

On engine (Yanmar 50Hp) she does well, even in a wavy environment, running about 5,5-6kts on 1.600 RPM, using 2Ltr/hr. Tank capacity is 125Ltr + 40Ltr in jerrycans. So, 70hrs (with safety margin) is realistic, even against 5Bft.

When I look at the weather for the coming period the wind is mostly coming from easterly directions, exactly the wrong one for me.

I don't mind to do coast hopping nor sailing the whole stredge in one, I simply have no idea when and how to get out of this hole and therefore ask your advice.

For now I could wait a few days and hop to Cartagena, but then ..... am I stuck there for some days? I also have to consider my budget, here in Almerimar I pay 22€, Cartagena is almost double. Being retired means limited resources

So, I rather wait here (A) than there (C) or on the Balearics, which are even more expensive.

But this should not be the biggest concern, getting in Pylos is my main goal. Actually getting past Sardinia is the first goal, as from there winds are more often from westerly directions.

Hope to hear from any fellow sailor soon.

Regards, Hans

Refrain from whistling
Greetings, Hans

Home » Weather and Routing » South of Spain to West of Greece



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