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07/04/2016 09:03:24

Leon Thornton<br>United Kingdom
Leon Thornton
United Kingdom

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Hello all,
I'm busy planning to sail from cape town to england. It is my first time planning an ocean crossing, my previous experience is coastal trips on the east coast of africa and traversing the med from west to east, so it's time to strike into the big pond! I have a rough plan: set sail jan/feb from cape town to st. Helena (20 days) > Ascension (10 days) > cross the equator at 27' (11 days) and take 3 long tacks to reach cape verde before end of april. If I can't hack it to windward, change course for carribean and cross to azores further north. Assuming i reach cape verde, set sail for azores beginning of may and arrive 20 days later. In june make the crossing to plymouth. I estimated 106 days at sea but maybe with good currents and favourable winds might make a better time. The yacht is a Flicka20 with hull speed of 6knots. I am assuming I can average 3 and a half knots. The motor is a 5hp outboard just for harbours etc, but I'm wondering if it would be any help across the itcz? I can stow 60 days of food and water, maybe more at a push but obviously I will need to provision at one of the islands. Does this sound feasible? Before I go buying all the wrong books and charts I would be grateful of any advise. Particularly an alternative route if I can't make cape verde...and where best to provision...and crossing the itcz...any helpful information welcome. Interested to hear anyones experiences along this route. Thanks, looking forward to your input.

Home » Weather and Routing » Atlantic south to north



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