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Home » Weather and Routing » N Europe to U.S. in April-May via Madeira & Bermuda?

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25/01/2016 22:00:16

Max Fletcher<br>United States
Max Fletcher
United States

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My wife and I are living aboard in the UK and considering options for returning to Maine. My wife doesn't particularly like the Caribbean or hot weather, so it would be nice to avoid the traditional long winter-months route via the Canaries and Caribbean. Plus, we would enjoy spending one more winter in Northern Europe.

In his Transatlantic Crossing Guide Don Street suggests April-May as a good time to get from Northern Europe to the Caribbean due to consistent trades, and the trades being furthest north during those months. I am considering leaving the UK early to mid-April, and hop down the Spanish coast to Madeira. Leave Madeira and head far enough south to pick up the trades, hopefully not too much below 30N, head west, then up to Bermuda. We would aim to be in Bermuda by the end of May, then pick a window to head Maine.

I'd appreciate any informed comments pro or con, and feedback if anyone has done it at th time of year. My biggest worry would be an early season hurricane, but May seems like a reasonable bet.


Home » Weather and Routing » N Europe to U.S. in April-May via Madeira & Bermuda?



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