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04/10/2015 17:30:35

graham foster<br>Greece
graham foster

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A good friend , Malcolm Campbell , has set out on a circumnavigation with his dog , BB on his beloved 38 ft wooden sloop .
he left Kefalonia , Greece, on 15 th of September 2015 .

He is doing this to help raise money for cancer research uk .

please see his blog :


He was caught up in the storm that has just passed through the Balearic Islands and he has lost complete rig , mast sails ,

everything .

Malc is now in Mahon , Menorca , trying to make the boat seaworthy again so as to continue on his quest .

his story just came through , today , of the encounter he went through .

It is something that no one would want to go through but some of us may find ourselves in his position , someday .

I am posting his account as I am trying to help Malcolm to continue .

If any cruisers can offer any help , anything at all , he / we would be very grateful .

He is a determined character and will not give up his challenge .

thank you for reading this ,

Graham Foster / Wild Honey / Kefalonia

After leaving Sicily for Sardinia I decided as the weather was forecast easterlies for 7 days ,to continue on to Menorca ,and as you know I got hammered Tuesday through till Thursday morning .The wind and seas were violent in the extreme ,the worst I have ever encountered and even though I had set Grace up to heave to ,I had little control and we were thrown from pillar to post.Early Thursday I was in an exhausted doze in the cabin when we where hit by an explosion of noise and water -I when up to check only to see total chaos on deck with lines and cables everywhere ,stanchions bent and just the stump of the mast visible alongside above the the water, with the sails visible below the surface. I knew the mast would sink the boat and was already hammering in to the side of the boat.I decided to cut away everything - very difficult in the conditions as staying on deck ,let alone working was almost impossible.Somehow after 40 minutes the last halyard was cut and the mast and my new sails were on the way to the bottom of the Med.
I waited till the following day for the sea to settle down enough before motoring the 60 miles to Menorca .At midnight I ran out of diesel and asked the Coast Guard for a tow the last 4 miles .Their response was excellent and professional and later while sitting with the captain ,he told me wind the exceeded force 10 ,and on the island the max recorded wind speed was 120 kph -the worst in 10 years,causing damage to trees and buildings.
What now? Well BB Grace and I will carry on as planned and I will rebuild the rig .I know my budget does not allow for this but I have no choice really,as I am committed to the charity,so will let the future look after itself. To be a member of the solo circumnavigators club requires high entrance fees and it is not meant to be easy.
Sorry I have caused worry to you and the family,but on the bright side we live to sail another day. will try to get a better sky

Home » Weather and Routing » lost rig , in Menorca 4/10/2015



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