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Home » Weather and Routing » entering Morocco with a Delaware (USA) registered

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11/04/2015 11:15:37

Ehud Rahat<br>Israel
Ehud Rahat

Posts: 1
Hi there,
I have a Delaware (USA) registered boat which wintered in Spain, and I need to take it out of Europe for avoiding the VAT payment. I think of sailing it to Morocco and staying there (in Marina Smir, to be exact) for a few days.

Does anyone know whether there is any problem- legal or practical- entering Morocco with an American flag?

If there is a problem- is Gibraltar an alternative?

And more generally- has anyone done this and did it actually work with the Europeans? Any other comments on this problem and my proposed solution to it?

Many thanks,

13/04/2015 13:03:46

Sue Richards<br>United Kingdom
Sue Richards
United Kingdom

Posts: 42
Hi Udi, thanks for posting your message. Whilst it's not really related to the forum topic (weather and routing), it is a commonly asked question by non-EU noonsite users, so I'll leave it up. For all the info. you need, look at the EU page on noonsite - Near the bottom of the page are a list of reports, one of which by some Canadian cruisers who have spent many years in and around the Med. Their experience will be a useful read for you and should help you work out the best place to re-set the clock. E-mail noonsite ( if you need further assistance.
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United Kingdom
Admin Test Boat on 13/04/2015

Home » Weather and Routing » entering Morocco with a Delaware (USA) registered



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