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13/01/2014 21:51:28

Ludvig Grip<br>Norway
Ludvig Grip

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Hi there,
After finishing the Pacific last season doing the more common route (Panama-Galapagos-Marquesas-Tuamoto-Tahiti-Niue-Tonga-Fiji-Vanuatu-New Cal-Australia) I'm looking for a new option of a route.

Last time I started in Sweden and sailed for 18monts and reached Australia after 16000NM. This for me is a nice "sail-stay-a-shore"-ratio. But Im starting to look in to the possibilities to do it a bit different next time. Part of the plan is a bigger and faster boat than my old 27' Albin Vega. My plan is to do it more like this;

Mexico-Marquesas-Tumoto-Tahiti-Cooks-Samoa(?)-Ellice ridge up towards western Kiribati-Marshall Islands-Senyavin Islands (Pohnpei) - Micronesia - Phillipines/Indonesia and then stop in Singapore for some while. Skip the "boring" part of west indies and Europe and jump to that one "small" part that really spoke to me.

Im guessing that would be around 10000NM and only in one season which would make it a long trip for just that one season? Is this possible or should I actually consider take this in two seasons? Like go down to NZ and take the "norhern part" of the trip the season after? Or are there any god hold up spots around the norhern island groups? Im guessing by leaving a bit early and start the season in march already in Marquesas might buy me some time...?

Please do give some thoughts and inputs. Anybody done the same route with the same time schedule?

Thank you!

edited by Ludvig Grip
Norway on 13/01/2014

Home » Weather and Routing » A little more northerly passage Mexico - Singapore



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