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11/11/2013 20:17:57

Omar Reis<br>Brazil
Omar Reis

Posts: 4
Hi. My name is Omar Reis.

I'm developer of Navigator (
and VRTool ( softwares.

Navigator software includes celestial navigation, chart navigation
and star finder. VRTool is a subset of Navigator and was developed
to be used in virtual sailing games. It became popular among virtual sailors
as a tool for track planing and weather routing.

VRTool can download GFS wind forecasts directly from NOAA
servers, up to 384 hours. This is a free service from NOAA.
NOAA gribs are very compact files,
suitable for satellite internet limitations.

I'm also working on an iPhone app to work as a companion
software for VRTool desktop, called VRTool Sidekick (VSK)
It uses the phone GPS for real time sailing monitoring.

I will be participating in the ARC 13

* Forum
* VSK User Manual
* VRTool config for real world regattas
edited by Omar Reis
Brazil on 11/11/2013
25/01/2014 13:50:31

Andrew Wilson<br>United Kingdom<br>Andromeda of Plymouth
Andrew Wilson
United Kingdom
Andromeda of Plymouth

Posts: 1
Took a look and it looks very good - however I had three immediate problems:

- Finding the charts for the N. Atlantic was problematic

- The Grib download consistently failed (interrupted it said, then re-started, then the error re-occurred after several minutes, and on, and on)

- Importing other grib files (i.e. from Ugrib or Zygrib) returned an error saying could'nt find the highlighted file

Would like to take another look, but its a problem if some of the functions are problematic.

24/08/2014 15:05:35

Omar Reis<br>Brazil
Omar Reis

Posts: 4
I used the GSHHS chart. It cover the whole world, with reasonable detail
( but is not a navigation chart ). I like this resolution, from VRToutouz website:

As for the wind forecasts, we experienced the same problem
when downloading gribs directly from NOAA GFS site.
Because the boat internet was slow, most downloads timed out.

Instead I used the grib files downloaded by ZyGrib.
The .grb.bz2 files were imported to Navigator for weather routing
and track design.

This and other aspects of my experience in the ARC 13 are discussed in the page:

20/08/2015 20:51:42

Omar Reis<br>Brazil
Omar Reis

Posts: 4
For those interested in celestial navigation,
I posted sample calculations using data from the ARC 13.
The post includes notes and Navigator for iPad screenshots.
5 fix samples.

Home » Weather and Routing » Weather routing with VRTool



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