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26/08/2013 08:34:23

Casey Stringfellow<br>Australia
Casey Stringfellow

Posts: 1
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone could kindly propose a good route for first time long distance ocean trip?

2 people on ~45f. Thinking heading north over the top of Australia, west to Africa to pick up the cold current on the west coast of Africa, then the South Equatorial loop before picking up the North East Coast of Brazil. Open to all experiences including pirate activity in some region

Not sure of duration but need to be in Rio by end of April 2014.

27/08/2013 08:15:34

Alex Gray<br>Australia
Alex Gray

Posts: 1
Hi Casey,
I am also in the process of planning a route to get to rio around may 2014 from Aus east coast. are you timing it with the World Cup by any chance?

As will it also be my first proper ocean crossing. I was looking at the possibility of doing an east about pacific crossing using the equatorial conter current and taking extra fuel for the doldrums so as to avoid the South Indian Ocean cyclone season and pirate alley.. I wish I really knew what the situation re piracy is like in the gulf of Aden. At this stage I am not sure it is a risk worth taking. When were you thinking of leaving?

Look forward to seeing what pops up here.



Home » Weather and Routing » Brisbane, Australia to Rio de Janeiro



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