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24/04/2013 05:50:30

Joao Gomes<br>Macau
Joao Gomes

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We are planning, for the next 4 years, an around the world voyage.
Our plan is to reach all the portuguese speaking countries, however, we have some details to solve!

Our boat, a 45 feet Gulfstar, is currently in Dominican Republic.

The initial idea was to sail down south to Brazil (which we need to abandon because won't be easy to reach Rio de Janeiro due to currents) then follow from Brazil to Europe via Cabo Verde.

However, probably will be wiser to head to Bahamas, Bermuda, Azores and Portugal.

Then African coast until Cabo Verde and Guine-Bissau.

We need to came to Brazil and then make the remaining countries in Africa, Angola and Sao Tome and Principe in the Atlantic side and Mozambique in the Indian Ocean side.

And in Brazil we need to go to Rio, Natal and Fortaleza!

What would be the easiest solution?

Cross from Angola to Rio? Similar to the same route coming from South Africa with stop in St Helena. Then in Brazil go up until Fortaleza and make the crossing back to African coast again and follow the same route down to South Africa?

As for the remaining, after Mozambique i don't have any doubts!

The only problem will really be Brazil.

Would appreciate some inputs from fellow sailors who may done some of this legs.

Home » Weather and Routing » Around the world route - advices needed



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