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Home » Weather and Routing » September in Western France - Is this bad timing?

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16/09/2012 02:33:56

Brian Rodwell<br>Australia
Brian Rodwell

Posts: 1
I am planning to take delivery of a Lagoon 400 in September 2013 at Les Sables d'Olonne. This boat is to be used for permanent liveaboard cruising. I am not sure what to do immediately after I take delivery:
  • There are no recommended passages in Jimmy's book at that time from there
  • I am not too keen on starting a long passages first off
  • If I winter in a marina, I would like it to be 1. not cold, 2. interesting & 3. not too expensive
Any suggestions?

18/09/2012 10:27:16

Teemu Wilen<br>Finland<br>unknown
Teemu Wilen

Posts: 3
Hi Brian
If you deside to winter in europe, think about southern Portugal. The weather is more tolerable, easy access to Spain/ Northern Africa etc.. The general costs are noticeably lower in Portugal than France and there are several marinas to choose from. In late october- november several yachts start their Atlantic crossing from se portugal to the Canaries and onwards.
Fair winds!


15/10/2012 14:51:14

Sue Richards<br>United Kingdom
Sue Richards
United Kingdom

Posts: 42
Hi Bryan, yes, Teemu is right. From where you are you can pretty much hop down the coast of Galicia and Northern Portugal to Southern Portugal and the Algarve, great place to winter. There's alot of northerlies right now - so you should fly down there. Lagos is a lovely place to winter and there's quite a liveaboard community there. Temperatures are very nice, and it's easy to fly within Europe from Faro airport and explore inland to Spain etc.

Home » Weather and Routing » September in Western France - Is this bad timing?



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