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15/09/2012 10:22:15

Linda Moore<br>United States<br>Wild Goose
Linda Moore
United States
Wild Goose

Posts: 2
We are planning to spend the winter in Tunisia at Monastir. Given the recent events, we are questioning the safety factor for Americans.
Does anybody have an opinion?
28/09/2012 12:57:43

Teemu Wilen<br>Finland<br>unknown
Teemu Wilen

Posts: 3
Hi Linda
The general situation in Tunis is relatively calm. Local unrest and even riots may occur, however. Tunis is one of the most visited North African countries and is accustomed to tourism. Living and moving in capitol area and well known cities is relatively safe. Tourists should avoid larger crowds as they may turn into a violent riot. Areas in the south/ southeast ( Libya- Algeria border areas) are to be avoided unless accompanied by local guide.
Due to the recent uprise in Islamic areas conserning cartoons that insult the faith AND were drawn by a U.S. citizen I would not openly advertize u.s. nationality.
Generally, Tunisian's are polite and helpful to all and since tourism is one of the biggest industries they have grown accustomed to foreigners of all races.
It is wise to be carefull but there's no need to be over exited.

Warm winds


Home » Weather and Routing » Wintering in Tunisia



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