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09/09/2012 22:28:38

Sean Thomas<br>United States
Sean Thomas
United States

Posts: 1
So I plan on leaving Florida heading towards Puerto Rico maybe stopping in the Bahamas. Then going to Aruba and maybe some close mainland counties before either heading back to Florida or Brazil first to dive the blue hole then home. Now I plan on staying in each area for a few days minimum but does anyone have a clue on timing for any leg of my trip? And I plan on leaving towards the end of Dec and finishing the end of February or so. Is this good timing for this area?? And is 8 weeks enough time to hit everywhere I want or should I plan more weeks? Oh btw I'm on a 41' trimaran
24/09/2012 15:18:30

David Kory<br>United States
David Kory
United States

Posts: 17
The timing is fine for your trip, but it sounds like maybe you should peruse your charts and cruising guides a bit more, and get a better idea of the distances and conditions you are likely to encounter. Also consider the time required to check into and out of countries- if you are only spending a few days there, you might spend the entire time with formalities! The time frame you propose can certainly work, but that is entirely personal- some folks like to keep moving, others only pull up the anchor once a month. And I presume you meant Belize for the Blue Hole, and not Brazil.
02/10/2012 12:06:44

George Spettigue<br>United States<br>CAREFREE
George Spettigue
United States

Posts: 3
Sean, I have not sailed this route (FL to PR), but am planning to in my 43' cutter in about your time frame, therefore I have been doing quite a bit of reading and planning. It is my understanding that if you are trying to sail down through the Bahamas, you are going to have the wind on your nose, except following frontal passages for a few days, for probably 75% of the time. This either means a lot of motoring or waiting for weather windows. The other option, as I understand it, is to head east offshore from NC for several days, then turn south for about a week to PR or STT. Best of luck!

Home » Weather and Routing » Caribbean trip in January(ish)



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