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Home » Weather and Routing » Venezuela and Columbia info please

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19/08/2012 12:33:06

ian parker<br>United Kingdom
ian parker
United Kingdom

Posts: 2
I am thinking of sailing the north coast of S America, from Trinidad
any info on Venezuela and Columbia much appreciated
28/08/2012 11:03:13

Sue Richards<br>United Kingdom
Sue Richards
United Kingdom

Posts: 42
Hi Ian, I'm sure you've looked at noonsite already, but there's some good recent cruiser updates for Colombia there (, plus of course the extremely useful cruising guide published by SY Sarana (Colombia Cruising guide), which identifies areas in the country which are safe for cruising. It's worth reading the security section on noonsite for Venezuela if you are considering cruising there (, plus, as with Colombia, there are a couple of good updates from cruisers this year, sadly however the rest are crime related. Hope that helps.
Sue - noonsite
10/12/2015 15:06:26

John Schiller<br>Venezuela
John Schiller

Posts: 2
I live in Margarita Island in Porlamar the Capital of margarita. About 10 minutes from Concord where if you sail here need to check in at the Port Captain Pedro who is a friend also immigration Edwardo. It will cost you 23 dollars for your 3 months stay for the boat. To be transferred to a bank account of the Government and the receipt to be given to the captain of the port. You get 3 days to do the transfer. Concord has 1 chandlery but very limited parts and items here as no one has dollars to import. If you require anything its best to get it on the net. The 2 boat yards are in Chacachacari they also have one chandlery very well stocked. The exchange rate is at present 897 to the dollar . The island has many taxies and the rates are good. If you need change dollars its best to do it online direct transfer to USA bank account. Just contact me I will be able to advise Also if you need to shop I have a taxi available that can transport you anywhere on the island. Have bikes to rent if needed. It is safe here mostly if you don’t splash your money around and act normal not like a rich tourist. Do not carry many dollars around the town. They don’t like small notes here. Vegetables are cheap so are fish and the restaurants are cheap so is Chinese. Or if you like local food. Fresh bread and cakes are cheap. 1 loaf of bread with six rolls will cost about 680bs under a dollar a large pizza will set you back 2 dollars beer about 15 to 20 cents Chinese meal about 2000bs petrol 65 litres 10cents or less includes tip. I normally fill my Jeep and pay 10bs. The town is full of supermarkets and shops Sambil ,Costa Azul. La Vela Rattan plaza
Oil is plentiful here so is paint and most things are procurable if you hunt around. Water is buyable in large bottles but concord has no water. The boat yards do. Gas is very cheap but they have large bottles here plastic ones and to fill them costs less than 5 cents. Telephone is cheap cost you under a $1 a month but you need to get a chip Moviestar is probably the best. There are bars along the beach in Concorde and there are bottle shops every where. I can advise you where to go and where not to go. Labour costs are about 3 to 4 dollars a day for boat work . There is a mechanic here at concord he drinks all day but nice guy reasonable mechanic.

More on Margarita hope its not boring .forgive spelling.
Always carry copies of your passport here not originals. You need to make copies of passports ship docs etc for the port captain. If you have dollars in cash and you exchange make sure they take a photo copy of your notes in front of you. And give you a copy just so no one comes back at you being counterfeit. My boat has been anchored in concord for 1 year with no problems as I live in my house I have someone on board at night for security. I have not had any problems apart from one night someone tried to cut the dinghy loose. I have had seized pistons so finally got my parts made in china although not correct need to get them machined. My Visa runs out in May and I need to go out of the country probably Trini as my boat is registered in South Africa. I can come back in 45 days and stay another 18 months. Every 3 months I need extend for another 3 months. There is a scarcity of flour and milk and corn flour and rice at present . When they have some the lines are very long and people que at 4am in the morning. Some medicines are not available and nappies are not available.
Shortage of most basics but if you have money you can buy at higher prices.
As the crude oil price has dropped again the $ will go higher this week and the week after we have elections
Well now the elections are over we are looking at a change of Government and hopefully a recovery from our crisis situation and more liberal policies for foreigners

Home » Weather and Routing » Venezuela and Columbia info please



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