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16/08/2012 22:16:30

Matt Dickman<br>United Kingdom
Matt Dickman
United Kingdom

Posts: 1
Curious about recommendations and opinions regarding a late summer (July - August) transit to the South Pacific. The options include departing Cape Flattery, WA or Kodiak, AK in early July. Questions include how best to minimize exposure to tropical storms and also if Hawaii would be a recommended waypoint from either departure point.


17/08/2012 20:52:45

David Kory<br>United States
David Kory
United States

Posts: 17
It is certainly doable, but the farther south you get the more you will need to pay attention to the weather, as hurricane season in the N Pacific is June through October, and in the S Pacific its December through March. If you are truly trying to minimize exposure to storms, pick a different time to go, like next spring.

If you are planning to visit the Marquesas first, Hawaii is not a great idea. Look at a globe, and see just how far east Hawaii is compared to the Marquesas and Tahiti. With the tradewinds blowing out of the East, it can make a long upwind beat from Hawaii.

Your best non-stop route goes offshore a bit first, to get better winds and seas, then almost due south to the equator, staying east of 135W. After that, pick your first stop and point to it.

If you really want to leave in late summer, maybe consider hopping down the coast, picking your weather and taking breaks as you like, going with the current. Cruise California through October, then Mexico Nov-March, and do the Pacific Puddle Jump next spring.

Home » Weather and Routing » WA or AK to South Pacific



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