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11/06/2010 14:50:17

Michael Orton<br>USA
Michael Orton

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Because it's in the news and because it's my route in a few years -

What is the best route either Australia to Chagos to Reunion to South Africa or Australia direct to South Africa and why?

What is the best time of year with a no sooner than/no later than set of dates?

On that route and in that time period what is the expected percentage of weather using the Beaufort Scale.

I just left the area and the dry season is slow in arriving this year. I have NOT reviewed Cruising Routes Of The World as I'm still enroute to boat and reference books.

Just to fill in and thanks to this forum I'm doing this winter down to Easter Island and back up based on best advice from the staff of noonsite. Long broad reach as far east as possible down to vicinity of Galapagos, straight across the equatorial area, another long broad reach South West breaking off and heading south to Easter Island at some spot to be determined. I say broad reach on those courses as a way of attaining as much easting as possible. Some of course will not be 'broad reach.'

However it sure beats spending a winter in Mexico again.

The entire general plan is San Diego to Easter to Juan Fernandez to vic. Valparaiso to Galapagos and back on coconut run...skipping FP.

There you go...have at it...and me!

Michael D
SV Se Langt

PS I'm no longer singlehanding....I GOT CREW!

Home » Weather and Routing » Route, Best Time Of Year NE Australia to S. Africa



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