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Home » Weather and Routing » US to Red Sea - do-able Dec-May?

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17/05/2012 04:11:33

Jessica Stoddard<br>United States
Jessica Stoddard
United States

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Hi. We are in the very early stages of route planning a circumnavigation - departing from the west coast of the US. While we would love to linger in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean, we have a dog, and I know that most countries in that region do not permit them to leave the boat. So -- our goal is get from the US to the mediterranean as quickly as possible. (and then linger in Europe and the Carribbean, Panama, etc.)

Ideally we wanted to leave in the beginning of December and reach the Red Sea before the SW monsoon begins in late May (June?). (yes, I know this might be impossible... but thought it was worth asking.)

Is it possible to cover this leg of the trip in less than 6 months? I've scoured Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Routes and I haven't been able find a route with suitable weather - so not expecting much - but thought I'd ask. We don't want to stop in Australia or NZ. And we're willing to go through the northern pacific islands (marshall islands, guam, phillipines, etc) and skip the south pacific altogether if that were the only option.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Home » Weather and Routing » US to Red Sea - do-able Dec-May?



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