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16/04/2012 08:40:52

Kurt jon Ulmer<br>New Zealand
Kurt jon Ulmer
New Zealand

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Preparing to depart New Zealand for Europe in the next year or so, we're considering which route to take.

1) N Indian Ocean - Red Sea -- Ruled out for us because of politics and piracy.

2) S Indian Ocean - South Africa -- Not yet ruled out, but losing interest because of piracy far removed from Somalia, and few stops that inspire us. Rodriguez, Mauritius and Reunion still do. Australia doesn't, sad as that is.

3) S Pacific Ocean - Australs of French Polynesia - Chilean Channels - S Atlantic Ocean -- Attractive, but high-latitude.

x) (Stranger alternatives have surfaced: Trucking mehitabel across some part of North America; Trans-Siberian Railway...)

Under serious study and seeking informed comment:

4) S Pacific Ocean - Australs of French Polynesia - Ecuador - Panama - Cuba - Bahamas/Turk&Caicos - Bermuda - Azores --
(We do know that's backwards.)

NZ to Australs ~May, easting intended in Variables and upper Westerlies. Cruise awhile.

To Ecuador, making easting in Variables and angling in SE Trades, Humboldt Current.

To Panama, with Humboldt Current and southerlies, and luck and patience. Transit October?

To Cuba, hoping to have lighter Trades at change of seasons (November) then making easting along south (better?) or north coast.

To Bahamas / Turks & Caicos by sheer stubbornness, one way or another.

To Bermuda should be easier than that!

Then, I guess, we'll just follow everybody else over the centuries.

Our yacht is a sturdy, well-proven junk schooner, a good comfortable close-reacher; we don't attempt hard-to-windward sailing at sea. We don't have or want long-distance motoring capability.

The route under study is a logical one to consider alongside the Chilean Channels one, I think.
And worthy replies may be of interest to other sailors than us - we're not the only people in New Zealand having sobering thoughts about the chances of really relaxing across the Indian Ocean, however fair the breeze.

Yacht 'mehitabel'
Whangarei NZ
edited by Kurt jon Ulmer
New Zealand on 16/04/2012
edited by Kurt jon Ulmer
New Zealand on 20/04/2012

Home » Weather and Routing » New Zealand to Europe - Alternatives



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