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17/02/2012 09:24:00

Hans Murillo<br>Denmark
Hans Murillo

Posts: 1
Hey everyone!

I'm planning to leave Panama for French Polynesia this season, but I won't be able to have my crew ready before late June. I know that everyone recommends leaving between in the Spring (Feb, Mar, Apr, even May), but that just won't be possible for us. I wanted to hear if anybody has any experience leaving in June/July. Are there good reasons for not leaving this late? To me it seems like the prevailing winds should be even better this late in the season, with the only drawback being the amount of time one has in FP, but I'd love to hear from someone with real experience in the area.

Thank you.
19/02/2012 16:00:53

David Kory<br>United States
David Kory
United States

Posts: 17
June is still fine, and you'll probably get better SE trade conditions West of about 100W. The issue with leaving before June is really for folks departing California and points north, as there is the threat of hurricanes in the north pacific. Departing from Panama, you are already south of the danger, and should have a fine sail.

Home » Weather and Routing » Late Departure to French Polynesia



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