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19/12/2011 10:36:17

Jay Faulkner<br>United Kingdom
Jay Faulkner
United Kingdom

Posts: 1
I'm thinking ahead to a passage from Southern Carribian to Gibralter in the spring. The classic route is up to Bermuda and then via the Azores but for a modern boat there also seem to be good arguments for staying further south. Would anyone like to offer any input?
13/01/2012 17:16:27

Hugh Moore<br>United States
Hugh Moore
United States

Posts: 2
You want to be North of Bermuda for the Westerlies.
20/01/2012 09:10:41

Edward MacMullen<br>United Kingdom
Edward MacMullen
United Kingdom

Posts: 16
There's a danger you will get some North Easterlies if you go direct to the Azores or hit light winds.

I've gone south of Bermuda twice (leaving from Antigua) but made some North first in both instances - no problems.



Delivering boats for a living
20/01/2012 15:08:14

Mads Christensen<br>Norway
Mads Christensen

Posts: 1
The optimal route for this crossing varies greatly from passage to passage.
In some (few) situations a more or less direct course towards the Azores is possible, in other situations a more northerly course is necessary, especially for the first part of the crossing. Anyway there is seldom necessary(or desirable) to pass north of Bermuda before you start pointing more direct towards the Azores.
A northerly course usually increase the risk of bad weather, and a direct course increase the possibility for head- and/or lighter winds. (A course south of the Azores as well will increase this risk of light- and/or headwinds.)
- But every crossing has it's own weather systems, so this will not be the case for all crossings.
Because of this it's always advisable to have some sort of weather routing while under way to take advantage of the conditions you will encounter at your specific crossing.
If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at
23/01/2012 02:53:01

Matthew Dunstan<br>United Kingdom
Matthew Dunstan
United Kingdom

Posts: 6
We undertook the same route with the same questions last season. We opted to go via Bermuda because others had reported having to motor up to 50% of the time on a more direct route and we preferred to sail.

I’m not sure I’d do it the same way again though. The Azores high wasn’t reliable last year (or the year before as it turns out) and we had light winds the whole way. Combined with the cost of entry into Bermuda and provisions whilst waiting for a weather window and we’d actually have saved time and money taking the direct route – even if we did have to motor.

The one saving grace: Bermuda is beautiful and possibly not a place you’ll ever get back to if you don’t go this time…..

Home » Weather and Routing » Ideal Route?



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