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18/11/2011 19:02:57

Robert Elmar Hager<br>Brazil
Robert Elmar Hager

Posts: 15
Hello, on next year we leave the MED to go back home, Brazil.
We want to stop 1 mouth at Cape Verde & 1 mouth at Senegal, after Dakar we want to go south Senegal to work with partners in a development project in oral health.

What is the best route ? from Canaries, first stop at Cape verde than sailing to Senegal, first Dakar than south Senegal - Zinghinchor)?

We are looking for charts !

be happy,

02/12/2011 22:17:23

David Kory<br>United States
David Kory
United States

Posts: 17
There is not much strategy to this route- rhumb line from Canaries to Cape Verde, then to Dakar. If you want to go up the Casamance, just sail down parallel to the coast, then up the river. Maybe consider visiting Banjul, and going up the Gambia river. I lived and worked for two years in this area, and found it fascinating and generally safe. Two notes: being white I was sometimes charged the "white price" for goods, which is higher. If you need to make any larger purchases, consider using a local friend. Also, anything can be handled or purchased or processed or whatever you need, as long as you are willing to "motivate" the local authority. Need a residence card? Dont want to wait in line for something? No problem, as long as you are willing to pay a little for the privilege. Speaking French helps enormously, and a few words of Wolof will help break the ice as well. The French charts are best in this region.

Home » Weather and Routing » sailing to Brazil, from cape verd & senegal



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