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26/10/2011 16:32:45

Nick Thwaites<br>United Kingdom
Nick Thwaites
United Kingdom

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Just a word of warning for those wishing to visit Gibraltar by yacht, don't.
We had a friend who tried to take his catamaran into Gibraltar in a force 9 for shelter. The marinas refused him and the port authorities threw him out and told him to go to Spain(La Linea).
As we intended taking our cat north from the canaries to the med this october I thought it wise to book ahead. So I contacted all three marinas, only ocean village replied and asked us to use the online booking form. Nothing happened after the booking was made. So I again contacted the marina manager to find out about the booking. Nothing happened. the day before we left to go to the boat i tried to 'phone, no answer. in desperation i re-e-mailed the manager and asked him to text me if there was a problem with the booking, nothing.
After a six and a half day passage we arrived at ocean village marina and tied to the adjacent fuel berth while two of our crew dinghied over to the office to find our berth. The night staff had rang the port authorities to inform them of our arrival. Then a port boat with staff in work clothes (no uniforms) landed up and told us to leave. We tried to explain that we were waiting for our berth to be allocated but they told us to leave the port and go to spain. Then the crew returned to tell us the marina new nothing of us and no we couldn't have a berth. So we left for Spain.
We had a very pleasant calm night in the anchorage at La Linea and proceeded to the marina for a short stay the next morning. The Marina and it's staff at La Linea could not have been better, the people of Gibraltar could not have been worse.
Maybe they should let Spain run Gibraltar, it would certainly be more welcoming for yachts.
17/06/2014 09:44:00

Rob Oberg<br>Australia
Rob Oberg

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That sounds like a very unfortunate experience. We over-wintered for four months (Oct 2012-Feb 2013) at Queensway Quay Marina in Gib and can't speak highly enough of the place. We had booked ahead via email and all clearing in formalities were handled at the marina office with no dramas. We saw many short stay boats come and go in that time with no issues.

Home » Weather and Routing » Gibraltar



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