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19/04/2010 17:13:05

Aaron Lasher<br>USA
Aaron Lasher

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In November 2006, six Northwestern graduates set sail from Long Island, New York on a circumnavigation of the globe as part of a program to teach inner city school children about the world. They wrote online journal articles, took a tremendous number of photos and videos, and organized interactive projects with the students in their home classrooms. The trip ended in September 2008 in Mallorca, Spain.
Now they are starting a new project and they are looking to the public for help! As part of good seamanship, the team kept a ship's log that was filled out every few hours. They need help making all of this data electronic by using online data entry (a Google Form) to input the information into a spreadsheet.
The purpose of making the data electronic is to create a Google Map with pinpoints at every waypoint (GPS coordinate) that was entered into the log. When an individual pinpoint is selected, it will display the log data that includes information such as wave height, wind speed, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, the speed of the boat, and a number of other vital statistics. They’ve started a map here based on a few pages of data entry, but they plan to add a lot more information than is currently listed in this example:
They are also going to make all of the log information available to the public as an open-source data set with real-time information from the boat that was at sea for two years. Anyone can analyze this data to find out many things, for example, - Have you ever wondered what the average water temperature in the South Pacific is in April? - Have you ever wondered if cloud cover is associated with higher wind speed? - Would you like to see how a diesel engine deteriorates with use?
They expect people will also find correlations that were not anticipated. Here is your chance to help! If you would like to participate, please email to indicate your interest. Any individual who helps digitize the log will be recognized as a collaborator.
To make this easy for everyone, they've made a simple online entry form. A full log page takes about 45 minutes to enter. They have 107 pages to enter, but many hands make light work and they are looking for any help they can get (even just one page!).
Thanks for your time, and Fair Winds!
PS If you want to read some of the journal entries that were written during the trip, feel free to check out:

Home » Weather and Routing » Calling all sailors who like maps



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