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21/08/2011 05:24:59

Joanne Richardson<br>Thailand
Joanne Richardson

Posts: 14
Hi I am looking at sailing to Sinapore from Kuching, Malaysia, Borneo. Has anybody got any information about the islands inbetween. Are they safe? Are there suitable achorages? Any good diving spots? I heard that the once further north should be avoided. Thanks in advance for any information
22/08/2011 12:35:29

Henry Capleton<br>United Kingdom
Henry Capleton
United Kingdom

Posts: 1
We did this trip each way last year and on advice of a Singapore based boat that does it practically every year- and others - we avoided all the islands and even looped south of the rhumb line. Not very helpful in terms of your specific questions but I pass it on for what it is worth.
12/09/2011 01:10:56

Trent Boult<br>New Zealand
Trent Boult
New Zealand

Posts: 2
Hi All just joined.. we are planning a delivery from Hong Kong to Phuket at end of this month.. I ask why about the above statement .. in the cruising guide it says nothing of this sort of problem..I was planning to visit some of these islands as a stop over onway to singapore..

Home » Weather and Routing » Kuching Malaysia to Singapre



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