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28/07/2011 15:14:01

Jessica Barber<br>United Kingdom
Jessica Barber
United Kingdom

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First post so please be gentle...

I need to pick some peoples' brains on how best to attempt a Biscay crossing in October. We're planning on launching from Falmouth in the UK with a view to getting down to Gibraltar where we have some sailing friends, then getting to the Canaries and leaving for the Atlantic crossing in December.

Unfortunately, due to work being done on our boat, a 40ft sloop, we won't be able to leave the UK until the beginning of October, which I know is not exactly ideal in terms of crossing Biscay.

My original plan had been to do Falmouth to Brest and then hug the coast of Biscay, trying to take things relatively easy this side of the Atlantic crossing. However, have been advised by some that the sooner we get down south the better, best to cross Biscay far out, assuming we get the right weather window.

Having read some posts on various forums I'm now also pondering whether we set off from Falmouth for a longer crossing. Advice please! I would never be foolish enough to ignore the weather warnings but also want to be leaving the Canaries by mid-December but don't want the calendar pressure to push me.

Have never attempted Biscay before so any advice from you seasoned lot would be great.
01/08/2011 11:56:03

Edward MacMullen<br>United Kingdom
Edward MacMullen
United Kingdom

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Hi Jessica,

I have done many Biscay crossings, including four last year.

I would suggest that you get off as soon as possible in October. It can be quite a good time to cross, before the truly autumnal weather kicks in.

I would look for a weather window of 4 days, you'll be across to Ushant in the firsty 24 hours and then two and a half to three days should see you across the bay.

I would not hang about hugging the coast.....most of the time you would be on a lee shore...... just do a straight line, don't go far out.

Be prepared to motor if neccessary to keep moving - I would make the first stop Bayona. it's that little bit further south than Corunna - you really want to get south of Cape Finnistaire as that's when the weather starts to improve.

Hope you have a great trip.
edited by Edward MacMullen
United Kingdom on 01/08/2011
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United Kingdom on 01/08/2011



Delivering boats for a living
19/09/2013 17:42:59

Alan Morgan<br>United Kingdom<br>Fuller Spirit
Alan Morgan
United Kingdom
Fuller Spirit

Posts: 20
Some other options.....
Cross over the western approaches and head down the Chenal Du Four to Camaret.
Falmouth is a good start off point to get you out of the Channel.
All you need a good couple of days of clear weather, you can do the hop in under 24 hrs.
Its no problem down the Four if you get the tides right.
Camaret is a good stop and a good start off point to get you across the Bay.
Its probably best to make to get st Finisterre and on to Bayona.
Its also betterto round Finisterre overnight or early morning as the winds tend to be lighter.
If the weather turns against you then you have option to pull into Camarias (Near Cap Villano) or fall off the wind and into La Coruna.
The wind increases in the vicinity of Finisterre due to the land effect.
You can get good wifi in La Coruna and also Camarinas for grib files etc.
Cross the Bay almost as many timess the ferry.
Have a good trip.
Any further help you can reach me by email....

Home » Weather and Routing » Biscay crossing in October, advice please!



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